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Resources and Links:

I get a lot of people asking for mic building resources, so I'm going to start compiling some of it here:

Mic Builders Group

The place to ask questions and learn from others.

The Sound Sleuthers

A fun and simple project, great for beginners! These little omnis are great sounding, cheap to build and are small and handy. Great as room mics, ambience mics, and more. I also highly recommend checking out all of the other mic-building instructables by DJ Jules.

JLI Electronics

Looking for a place to buy microphone capsules? If you live in North America, this is a great resource. Lots to choose from, both electret and pure condenser.

Mic Parts

They offer great kits backed by a tonne of research. A great entry point for building mics, saving money and learning about different designs. They also sell capsules and other parts.


A blog of cool DIY mic building projects. Lots of design ideas, schematics, examples of donor bodies, etc.

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