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During the pandemic I was separated from my recording studio in St. John's and needed a place to do work while I was living on the family farm in Ontario. It was in this context that I dreamed up and built the Scamper solar powered mobile recording studio.

It is built into a 1970's camper trailer that I spent two months refurbishing. It's fully solar powered, meaning that it can record anywhere no matter how remote, giving me access to record and mix in interesting and unique spaces but without having to compromise on the gear and equipment.

Since its creation a number of projects have utilized the Scamper, including The Phonoautomat instant Recording booth at Sappyfest NB 2022 and Hold Fast NL 2023, the Foehnkrankenheit location-based recording session in PEI 2022, The Avalon Scamper Sesions location-based recording project in NL 2023, and the SCIONS recording session at the St. George Round Church in Halifax NS 2023. I have also mixed a number of albums in the Scamper, including Kelly McMichael's Waves and The Burning Hell's Garbage Island.

Stay tuned for a number of exciting projects lined up for this Spring and Summer 2024....

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