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The Sardine

This Spring I was fooling around at the Cambridge makespace building these two prototype microphones. I call them the “sardines.” Inspired by Portugese tiles and sardine-can art, my partner Pamela Mackenzie hand painted their designs. Inside is a JLI2555 capsule, a FET and an itty bitty little transformer. The circuit is basically a km84 without the bits to polarize the capsule, since the 2555 is an electret. The circuit is very similar to the u47s I've been building except that the tube is replaced by a FET. It's my first time playing around with FETs and, wow, how convenient, no heaters! These were a fun learning exercise and I’m excited to make some more with what I've figured out in the process. I'm pleased with how they sound, I will definitely be making more.




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