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Snowbird II (Portugal)



Louriñha, Portugal



January-February, 2023


Project type

Recording Residency


Artists Involved

Nico Paulo, Toby Goodshank, Leslie Graves, Len O'Neil, Jenina MacGillivray, Phoebe Kreutz, Matt Colbourn, Simon M. Read, Kadesha Drija, Rowan Liggett, Ian Williams, Charlie Glasspool, Sarah DeCarlo, Pamela Mackenzie

In the winter of 2023 Jake Nicoll, Mathias Kom and Ariel Sharratt (The Idlefield collective) invited a dozen artists to participate in their recording residency project in Louriñha, Portugal. The Snowbird project creates an affordable live/work space with mobile recording studio capable of capturing demos, spontaneous collaborations, as well as professional recordings. Because it is mobile and overseas, Snowbird's recordings always involve elements of chance and spontaneity. During Snowbird participants workshopped new material, recorded albums, built instruments, and engaged in dialogue and collaborations that strengthened community ties amongst artists.

2023-01-10 16.53.21.jpg
2023-01-30 12.58.51.jpg
2023-01-23 13.55.14.jpg
2023-01-09 17.20.51.jpg
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